Fungus find of the week! Chicken of the Woods

On a family walk in the woods this week we spotted this beauty. Laetiporus sulphureus, more commonly known as Chicken of the Woods. Bright yellow in colour, often with orange bands (like this specimen). It is edible but proceed with caution as it has been known to cause adverse effects in some people. It is also important that you do not eat specimens that are growing on poisonous trees (Yew for example). We left this one in tact as it was too beautiful to chop up for dinner.

Autumn is usually the peek time for spotting fungus but there are still some persistent fungal fruiting bodies that you can see all year round. The Woodland Trust website has some great fungus information for beginners on their webpage here if you want to go on a fungus foray with your family.

web link to woodland trust fungi ID

Bracket Fungi ID: Common UK Species – Woodland Trust