Our Services

Tree Surgery

Crown Reductions

Reductions form a large part of our work and we take pride in pruning trees in a sympathetic manner to balance the requirements of our clients and the requirement to leave the tree with a structurally balanced and healthy canopy. Good industry practise is that no more than 30% of the canopy should be removed during such works.

Tree Removals

We can climb and dismantle any tree regardless of size or difficulty. Whether it is in a garden environment, alongside a public highway or on a busy commercial site. We can utilise cranes and specialist lifting equipment for the safe dismantling of dangerous trees where necessary. We have machinery to access all sites, enabling us to process and remove all cut material efficiently and safely.

Emergency Call Outs

We have team members on standby for urgent situations. Please call 07541376538 for assistance in this case.

Tree bracing

Sometimes if tree limbs or stems are at risk of failing a brace can be installed to provide structural support and manage this risk. Trees with high amenity value would be considered for this kind of work.

Hedge cutting

We can undertake significant reductions to mature hedges or annual pruning.

Stump grinding

Once a tree has been felled the stump can be ground out to allow for replanting , eliminate regrowth or provide access for other projects. The size of the grinder used will be determined by the size and quantity of the stumps.

Timber extraction

We can utilise tractors, lorries & cranes to remove large volumes of wood chip and timber from any site location.

Firewood processing

We have a mechanical log splitter for processing timber enabling us to offer customers the service of turning trees we have removed into firewood.

Professional Tree Inspections

“Although the benefits from trees generally outweigh the risks very greatly, there are particular cases where individual trees, by virtue of the condition and location, pose an unacceptable risk to people or property”
Taken from the book – Principles of Tree Hazard Assessment and Management by David Lonsdale (1999)

If you have trees on your property, there are several statute laws which outline your duty of care to ensure that people are not injured and property is not damaged, as a result of your acts or omissions.

At Ben Mason Arb, Ben and Stephanie Mason are both qualified professional tree inspectors. We can assess your trees(s) and advise you on the best course of action for your tree.
Where required we can provide a full written report which will map and record all of your trees and their condition.

If any of your trees have a visible defect (fungal fruiting body, cavities or significant deadwood in the canopy are just some examples) you will be advised on the appropriate action to take to mitigate the risk that your tree poses.

Countryside and Woodland Management

Coppicing, thinning & low impact timber extraction

We have significant experience managing woodland that requires low impact, selective hand cutting in difficult to access areas. With the numerous diseases and pathogens that are affecting our woodland such as Ash dieback, Phytophora and eight toothed spruce bark beetle we can undertake high quality hand cutting operations whilst taking great care to minimalize the environmental impact of such works.  

Our rubber tracked skidsteer and woodchipper are ideally suited for low ground impact woodland management. We also have track mats to use where needed.

Bracken control (rolling and/or cutting)

We have a 4’ wide bracken roller which can be towed behind our ATV to access the trickiest of terrain.

Invasive species removal

We can clear species such as Rhododendron and Laurel from your woodland and have staff qualified to undertake follow up glyphosate application where needed.



We have previously created garden benches and swings from trees felled and milled onsite.

Bespoke projects

If you have an unusual project, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist. Previous Ben Mason Arb projects include the creation of a forest school area for the Ashdown Forest at their Visitor Centre.

Our Service Area

We have clients across Kent and Sussex. We are based in Hartfield, East Sussex meaning we are particularly local for clients in or near to;

  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Tonbridge
  • Crowborough
  • Ashdown Forest
  • Uckfield
  • East Grinstead
  • Edenbridge


We often travel further afield to clients in London and Brighton. 

Our friendly team is on hand to answer your queries, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.